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JustHost cPanel- With the JustHost cPanel, you get a great tool to use for excellent website control and management. For those who are new to web hosting, the whole concept can seem a bit daunting if you have never built and created your own website before. However, using the JustHost cPanel you get access to an incredibly user friendly content management tool that will help you build the website you have always wanted. By cashing in on the savings with JustHost web hosting, you get immediate access to the JustHost cPanel to help control your new website right off the bat.


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Using the JustHost cPanel, you get the chance to not only create your website, but also efficiently manage your website, create your domains and email accounts. With the JustHost cPanel, you can get started doing all you need to do in order to get your web hosting tools up to date and in motion for your new website. Many website developers feel they need to have expert knowledge about web hosting and website development, or they need to at least have the funds to hire someone who does. However, that is not the case with JustHost. Especially using all of the JustHost tools and features this inexpensive, but quality web host has to offer, you will quickly see the cost savings and ease of use with JustHost and the JustHost cPanel.

What is cPanel?

As previously mentioned, cPanel is a web hosting control panel that is available through many web hosting companies like JustHost. With the JustHost cPanel, users get access to the tool that works by providing a graphical interface and automation tools that are designed to simplify the website creation and management process. Because using JustHost cPanel to get started is so easy for even new beginners, it is not difficult to navigate a complicated control panel. Because many website creators and administrators are new to web hosting and often have other business-related tasks to attend to, there is no sense in trying to figure out a web host with a super complicated management system. Fortunately with the JustHost cPanel that should not be a concern.

How to Use JustHost cPanel:

The JustHost cPanel gives users complete options on setting up and using email, installing new programs and features, creating your domains, subdomains, etc. as well as using your MySQL database and even PHP programming if you are familiar at all with your own programming capabilities. However, even if you aren’t familiar with web hosting programming languages, that is not a hold up when using JustHost cPanel. In fact, if you have any issues or questions when first logging into your cPanel, JustHost offers over 25 various video tutorials with help on how to use different aspects of the cPanel including using Fantastico to install scripts in cPanel, which is a tool you will most likely be using quite frequently.

Other JustHost cPanel tutorials are available to help you learn how to update your email information, redirect a UR, Redirect your webmail, managing MySQL database and PHPMyAdmin as well as using password protection and other security features. Email is a huge part of your website because it can benefit any new online business or individual looking to build a website. Fortunately with the cPanel at JustHost you can control many aspects of your email and webmail services, and if you ever need help, there are several video tutorials to help get you started.

Check out the JustHost cPanel on the JustHost website to learn more about how to use the cPanel and build the best looking website you want for your online business or for your individual web hosting needs. Not only is the JustHost cPanel a convenient way to build your website quickly and easily, you get access to all of the great web hosting features and tools JustHost has to offer. All of this combined with a low monthly fee that offers some of the best and most affordable web hosting around, doing business with JustHost has never been a better deal. Check out this web host and the JustHost cPanel video tutorials today to learn more.

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