JustHost Domains

JustHost Domains

When you sign up to host your website with JustHost, you also get the ability have access to tons of JustHost domains. If you plan on hosting many different types of domains or websites, JustHost domains are a great option because you get the option of managing every single one of these domains in one location using your JustHost cPanel. The JustHost domains come in a variety of types including subdomains, parked domains and add-on domains. In addition to a free domain name registration, users also get unlimited domain hosting. This means you can host as many domains as you want all for a low monthly price. You also get free international domain names as well when you sign up for a JustHost web hosting account.

When you sign up with JustHost and begin hosting your website, you then have the option to add in more domains. In order to do this, it is a good idea to decide what additional domains you are going to want or need. From that point, you can research the different types of domains to help you make a decision.

Add-on Domains:

With add-on domains, users can get access to a domain that is separate from your primary domains account. It will actually look at if it is hosted on its own account. However, you will still be able to easily manage this domain from your single cPanel along with all of your other domains. Although the website visitors will see the new domain address in the URL despite the fact that they will actually be viewing the new domain from a specific folder within the cPanel under the primary domain’s account. These are so helpful and easy to manage if you plan to provide your loyal Internet followers and potential new visitors with fresh content in a different way. Or if you already have an existing online business, you can add another website that features a complimentary type of products if they don’t sell well with your primary website’s list of products. There are so many options to explore with these types of JustHost domains.

Parked Domains:

When users establish a parked domain, it works like hosting the same content on a parked domain compared to your primary domain, but you want it to be visible on that parked domain. This is a common practice when a website owner owns different extensions of the same domain name (i.e. Domain.com, domain.net, domain.org.) You will choose the first one as the primary domain followed by the other two as domains under the control of your cPanel account under parked domains. By choosing your parked domain, users will then access your primary domain. There are many reasons to choose having parked domains, but with JustHost domains, you can choose whichever reason you want.


Subdomains work in a similar fashion to add-on domains. For example, when a new user signs up with JustHost, which offers subdomains, the user can come up with the domain for the primary page. From that point, within that same account, users can then create folders that work as a subdomain that support entirely separate websites very much like an add-on domain. In comparison however, the subdomains can be accessed typically from the homepage of the primary domain web page instead of from the alternative domains.

Regardless of what kind of JustHost domains you plan to use or need to use to fulfill your web hosting needs, there are many options to choose from when doing business with JustHost. Because you can control each of your JustHost domains from your cPanel, it is a good idea to have a clear picture of how cPanel works. Fortunately through the JustHost video tutorials, you can get this information at your fingertips in just seconds. Locate the video tutorials on the cPanel and learn all there is to know about how to operate your cPanel and all of your JustHost domains. If you have any additional questions, you can always check out the JustHost live chat option directly on the JustHost website, or give the JustHost technical support toll free line a call. These JustHost representatives are available to resolve your issues or answer any questions you might have 24/7. Simply check out the JustHost website today to learn more about the JustHost domains and how you can sign up for the service.