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JustHost Email- With JustHost email features, web hosting customers get immediate access to a variety of email features and tools they need to get started with their new website. For those who are using the JustHost web hosting services for their online business, email tools and services are absolute necessities. The folks at JustHost understand the need for quality email features, which is why new customers get access to webmail, 2 web-based email solutions, email support, forwarding email accounts as well as an email auto responder tool directly upon sign up.


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One of the best parts about having email directly associated with your web hosting account is because your email will be listed as yourname@domain.com, which is a much more professional way to submit your emails especially if you are planning to use your website as a professional business website. Other JustHost email features like webmail are also super helpful because you can access your email from anywhere you can get access to an Internet connection. The web based email accounts also can be shared with your employees or other website administrators if you plan to keep all of your email accounts consistent with the domain name. This is a great JustHost email feature because you will be able to have quick and easy access to your email account, and so will your employees. For those who travel for work or still need access to a work email address while traveling on vacation, it is great to be able to access a webmail email account directly through the email client on your smart phone or through any computer with Internet access.

Using the JustHost cPanel, users can quickly change and reset their email settings including setting up mailing lists, which are hugely important especially if you are regularly sending out important emails to a specific group of people like newsletters, promotional information, updates and more. In addition, security is also a huge factor with JustHost email, which is why the JustHost support team strives to keep security up to date and regularly enhanced. IMAP/ Secure IMAP email support is also a valuable asset with JustHost email because you know that if anything ever goes wrong or if you have any questions, you can get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently with JustHost. Other handy JustHost email features include the email auto responder, which is a very convenient feature to have with certain email situations like being absent from the office for a period of time or to handle very generic email requests. Forwarding Email Accounts also help those with their website hosting tasks regarding email support and features. Both IMAP/Secure IMAP email accounts as well as POP3/POP3 Secure Email accounts are available upon signup with JustHost.

With unlimited email options and accounts available, each website administrator and employees of the business can have access to their own email account as well as their own password and email settings that can be changed at the will of the email account holder. Users can use this JustHost email feature and create new email addresses with the domain name at any time. For those with questions on how to use the web hosting email clients as well as a webmail email with JustHost, simply check out the JustHost video tutorials to see an entire walkthrough on how to set up the accounts, manage the email accounts and change features. Learn to reset passwords and up security and SPAM blocking features with the JustHost video tutorials. JustHost customer support is also readily available to help with whatever questions or issues you may have concerning the JustHost email accounts and email features. Simply check out the JustHost website today to learn more about JustHost email and how you can get access to some of the best web hosting email features around all for a low monthly cost.

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