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JustHost Features- If you are looking for a web host with tons of web hosting features for an affordable price, check out JustHost features and tools to start your website. Using the JustHost features and web hosting tools are great for those who want and need a lot of web hosting features, but can’t afford an arm and a leg to get them. That is not an issue with JustHost. You can still get access to a variety of web hosting features like tons of hard drive space, a free website builder as well as reliability and security features all for a low monthly price. It is a huge misconception online that you have to go with an over price web host provider just to get access to the web hosting features you need in order to create a reliable and creative website. JustHost features and pricing is proof that you can get all you need to get started with your website for a low monthly price.


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JustHost Features:

JustHost features include everything you will need to build a website exactly like what you want. For some building a website can seem like a daunting task especially if you are not the most tech savvy person or don’t know much about website building. However, that is not something to worry about with JustHost features because you can get easy access to the JustHost website builder. This free website builder is a great tool to get you started in creating the website exactly how you want it to look. You can use the ready-made templates and JustHost features to build the website for whatever purpose you need whether it is for a business, organization or individual website needs. In addition, other JustHost features like the email features and multimedia features are also great tools to help get you started with JustHost web hosting.

E-Commerce Features:

If you are using your JustHost website as a promotional tool for your online business and sell your products and services directly from your site, you are going to need great e-commerce tools to help you do so. This is where the JustHost e-commerce features are helpful in getting you started with becoming an online business owner. The SSL Secure Sever and various shopping cart options are readily available upon signup with JustHost. Remember that you will need these features in order to be able to sell your products online. The shopping carts with JustHost are great for helping your customers have a great shopping experience on your website. PayPal support and other Merchant Account support assistances are also helpful in trying to figure out which option is best for completing your online transactions on your website.

Security is also vital when it comes to hosting an online business. This is why it is so important to have JustHost features for e-commerce that support reliability and security like an SSL secure sever as well as a Self-Signed SSL with password protected directories and a free generated certificate. This is how your potential customers will know they can trust your website for secure online business transactions.

Multimedia Features:

Each website strives to be professional looking but still fun and creative. Online visitors love to look at a website that is interactive and offers multimedia features like audio and video capabilities. Fortunately the JustHost features for multimedia offer these tools like Flash support, Macromedia Shockwave, MIDI File support as well as the opportunity to add your own MIME types. To learn more about how to operate these multimedia features and how to integrate them into your website, simply check out the JustHost video tutorials that offer a comprehensive look at how to use these tools to optimize the functionality and appearance of your website.

JustHost Support Features:

If you ever have a question for the folks at JustHost about any of the above listed JustHost features and more, the JustHost support features offer live chat opportunities as well as email and toll free calling that are all available 24/7 to help answer your questions and resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner.

To learn more about any of these JustHost features, check out the JustHost website today to find out if you should make the switch or start up your first website with JustHost. With all of the JustHost features available, you can feel confident in knowing you will have a positive web hosting experience with JustHost.

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