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JustHost FTP – With the JustHost FTP, users can easily transfer files from one host to another over a TCP-based network like the Internet. With File Transfer Protocol access, the JustHost FTP system allows users to easily upload and share files between computers on a shared network. With FTP, users can quickly transfer files between two computers over the Internet, which can be an extremely valuable tool to have in a work setting to transfer important information safely and securely.


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Many would be skeptical to share certain folders of pertinent information over the Internet to another computer due to the lack of security. However, with FTP access, this is not an issue. JustHost FTP is a great way and classic method of sharing files between any computers that have Internet access. Conveniently FTP also works between computers even if they have completely different operating systems. JustHost allows for this easy sharing between computers, which is such a handy tool especially for businesses that need to send confidential information to remote locations or to employees that work from other locations or from home. Having access to JustHost FTP is also great for those who travel frequently for work and need to be able to have quick and easy access to an important document that can be send securely.

Anonymous FTP is also available with the JustHost FTP features, which is nice for those who don’t want to insert the email or a user name and password to send the file. It is more of a time saving option when it comes to FTP. Using a drag and drop interface, users can quickly use the JustHost FTP to transfer just about any size of files. With the JustHost FTP manager, you can easily also download and upload without having to have a separate download manager, which is helpful to those users with a slow or unreliable Internet connection.

For those who need to limit access to FTP, it is quite easy to set up the security features JustHost FTP has to offer like user authentication as well as secure transfers using encryption protocols like SSL and TSL. This is a great way to ensure that data access for certain FTP files can only be done for authorized users without the possibility of some random person or hacker being able to intercept the pertinent data. There are even ways to set up the permissions on an FTP folder to make it so certain users can have information to certain folders and data but not others. This is helpful especially for small businesses or even large businesses where there are typically a number of employees of various ranks. Some of the employees should have certain access to these important documents above others.

For those who are new to using FTP and web hosting, it is a really good idea to check out the JustHost video tutorials that are available directly on the JustHost website to learn more about JustHost FTP and how to use the FTP files to your best advantage. Security and reliability are also huge factors when using the FTP, which fortunately, JustHost understands that need and provides users with the necessary security and protection of those documents and important data. These JustHost video tutorials on FTP include information about FileZilla, Smart FTP configuration, WS FTP transferring as well as CuteFTP management and settings.

If you are interested in learning more about FTP and JustHost FTP, check out the JustHost video tutorials online regarding FTP to learn how you can set security provisions, access, the file itself and more. Learn exactly how to use it so that it works the way you want and need it to for the operation of your website and business.

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