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JustHost Joomla- With JustHost Joomla access, users can get immediate access to Joomla using easy 1-click installs with Fantastico. There are many notable features that can be found invaluable when creating your website with JustHost. For example JustHost Joomla features include unlimited storage, transfer, easy email solutions as well as video tutorials that are great for explaining the workings of Joomla. The easy install plus the plenty of support that comes with the JustHost Joomla options is great especially for those who are new to web hosting or to Joomla and need help and assistance in learning how to create your own website using Joomla assistance.


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For those who are unclear about the Joomla operations, Joomla servers as an open source Content Management System (CMS). This means that you are able to use Joomla as a tool to publish information online as well as build and create entire websites along with web applications. Joomla is one of the top software tools that are used for this purpose based on its ease of use and open source resources. When you sign up with JustHost, you get the Joomla access as well as Fantastico, which allows for easy 1-click installs. The excellent pairing of these two resources is just another reason to choose web hosting with JustHost! Most users agree that the most convenient part of using Joomla with your website building is that it is so easy to edit your website directly through the backend of Joomla. You can make any changes you want without any trouble when using JustHost Joomla. This means it is also super easy to add/change multiple accounts for administrators to be able to also edit the website. This is great if you own an online business and have multiple administrators that need website editing permissions, or if you plan on enlisting the help of an outside website developer.

Using Joomla is easy! All you have to do is login to the Joomla back end and get access to tons of template choices to use in the design of your website. When you integrate JustHost Joomla, you can get the easiest access to designing your website without having to worry about having previous coding knowledge or website development experience. However, if you do have experience with those, Joomla is still a valuable resource to be able to get started with the development of your website. After choosing which template to go with to design your website, you can also look for other open source tools and components to easily add to your website, For example, you can include a newsletter or site map as well as search engine friendly URL’s, which are great for getting found on the Internet. Having access to these open source tools not only makes website development easier, but so much less expensive too when it comes to not having to hire a professional website designer.

If you also plan to embed a blog into your JustHost website, having Joomla access is also great because you can easily integrate blogging bases like WordPress. This allows all users the ability to add comments to each articles as well as other fun features like RSS syndication as well as the ability to generate the RSS feed directly to the website. The best part about JustHost Joomla is that it is easy to install and offers users the flexibility of being able to take advantage of all the JustHost web hosting tools and features there are available. Adding open source content to your website is also super helpful because you don’t have to pay to add these additional features to your website, but you can also get fun to use features for your website visitors.

If you have any issues in trying to use or learn how to use JustHost Joomla, you can always check out the JustHost video tutorials that give clear instruction on how to maximize your usage with Joomla on your JustHost web hosted website. Check out JustHost support and help tools for additional help on how to use JustHost Joomla. Take a few minutes and visit the JustHost website today to learn all about JustHost Joomla and how you can get the best web hosting experience possible with JustHost web hosting.

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