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JustHost Blog- There are several reasons to look into JustHost blog options. There are a few ways you could use a blog to expand your online services or use certain blogging options to create and host your entire website. Depending on your web hosting needs, JustHost blog options like WordPress and b2evolution are great for anyone who is new to web hosting and blogging and needs a useful, helpful place to start. These blogging platforms work great in conjunction with JustHost or as more than just an addition. It all depends on your web hosting needs and what you can find you are able to get out of these great blogging platforms.


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JustHost Blog: b2evolution

Out of the different JustHost blog options, b2evolution is a great option to consider because users can easily add a blog to their website for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons a user might want to add a blog to their website is because of added exposure. If you are running an online business, having as much exposure on the web as possible is paramount. This is the best way to bring in more business and to ensure an increased profit margin each month. By having a blog to promote your products and services, you are more likely to increase your customer base and have more people be able to find you online. By using Search Engine Optimization methods, you can use your blog to make sure you get found on the first page of the results of just about any search engine like Google. You can also choose to use your blog with b2evolution to not only promote your products and services, but also to sell them if you so desire. Having a blog in conjunction with your website is a great way to showcase your business in a slightly more casual and fun way. Talk about your products and services and have fun promoting the product. This JustHost blog option allows users to install b2evolution with just one click using the JustHost simple install option.

Other b2evolutions are also great to help you consider using this JustHost blog option like AntiSpam Delux, plugin framework, advanced categorization and more. B2eveluion can also work by serving as the primary host for your JustHost website. Use b2evolution to design and host your website. It all depends on if you feel b2evolution can sufficiently host your site. If you are new to web hosting, finding a service like b2evolution is helpful because you can easily just use the templates provides to manage all of your content, videos, audio, photo galleries, word content and more. One of the best parts about b2evolution is that it is designed to be free and open source, which only works to add to amount of blog skins users can get access to, for enhancement of your blog appearance and features.

JustHost Blog: WordPress

Another one of the best blogging software providers, WordPress can also be easily and quickly installed through the JustHost blog easy install tools. Using these tools, you can quickly be up and running with your website or blog. Many users choose to use WordPress as the entire host because of it being one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) around. This is helpful because WordPress themes, plugins and widgets offer all you need to build a quality website. However, if you want to just use your WordPress blog as only a blog in addition to your JustHost website, which is also perfectly alright. It simply just matters what you want to do to fulfill your online web hosting needs. For some who need to use their website as an online business, it is good to know that WordPress features also include free ecommerce tools like shopping cart plugins and other widgets to help you manage your online enterprise. Search Engine Optimization themes with WordPress are also perfect for helping your website and blog get found online. Using SEO themes and tools with WordPress is a great way to make sure your website sees the first page of the search engine ranking results.

Be sure to check out the JustHost blog options like b2evolution and WordPress to determine which blogging software is worth it for your website. It is also a good time to check out which blog offers which features you may need depending on your website hosting needs with JustHost web hosting. You can get all of this and more for a low monthly price with JustHost web hosting. Check it out today!

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