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JustHost Fantastico- When it comes to web hosting tools and features, JustHost Fantastico is one of the best to use in building your new website. When you first sign up with JustHost web hosting, you get immediate access to all of the tools and features you will need to get your website up off the ground and ready for some online visitors. Among these JustHost web hosting features includes the JustHost Fantastico tool. This is a great and handy feature every new customer gets when they sign up with JustHost. The JustHost Fantastico allows users to easily install and configure one of the most popular website applications through the cPanel. Using the JustHost cPanel is so helpful because it gives you access to your entire set of web hosting tools to get started building and managing your new website. From this point, the Fantastic applications that are offered help you build your website including your own blog, discussion board, eCommerce site, and it also assists with your content management. As you can see, the JustHost Fantastico option is so helpful when you are starting out building and creating your new website with JustHost.

What is Fantastico?

If you are new to web hosting, you might be unsure about Fantastico and how you can use it to build your website. Fantastico works as a commercial script library that operates in the cPanel with most web hosting accounts like with JustHost. One of the best and most convenient parts about using Fantastico is that it allows for auto installation for tons of different open source and web hosting applications and content management systems. To get started installing these scripts, the webmaster just has to create databases and tables. However for those JustHost users, with Fantastico you don’t have to worry about making any of those databases and tables. This process saves you so much time and energy when it comes to creating your website. It also gives you access to doing the process right. You don’t have to worry about missing any steps in the installation process because Fantastico does it for you quickly and efficiently without all of the hassle.

For example, when using JustHost Fantastico for your JustHost Blog WordPress application, all you have to do is specify a few clicks of the mouse and then your WordPress blog is ready to go in a matter of minutes. It is also good to know that Fantastico is also great because it is available to use with other types of applications like for eCommerce tools. This means you can practically use Fantastico for just about every single aspect of your website to save tons of time and effort you could be spending on other parts of your website and online business. Fantastico is the best tool for those new to web hosting and website applications. Instead of spending hours simply learning all of the installation processes for each of these web hosting applications, all you have to do is use Fantastico and you are ready to go in a fraction of the time.

According to the JustHost website, there is a list of the top ten user-friendly and most popular features that are great and helpful JustHost Fantastico applications. Among these top applications include OSCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Gallery, phpBB, b2evolution, Drupal, ZenCart, PerlDesk, phpESP. All of these tools are so helpful with getting anyone who is new to web hosting started on building a great-looking website. There are so many web hosting features available when you sign up for web hosting with JustHost that is may seem a little overwhelming. However if you ever need any help with using Fantastico or any of these applications, the JustHost video tutorials are super helpful and cover just about every program or web hosting feature that JustHost has to offer. Especially if you are new to web hosting, there are so many features you can use that will enhance your web hosting experience especially with Fantastico, which can help you build many aspects of your website.

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